RivaJazz is an Intuitive Healer by nature, a Spiritual Coach and a Licensed Massage Therapist. She dedicates her energy in helping Women with lack of Self-Trust, Self-Love, Courage and Emotional Maturity to foresee their full Life Potential.

How My Personal Life Changed in the last 2 years!

2 years ago, I was in London, working as a massage therapist and as an injury recovery Coach. I was living alone in my humble studio in a shared house with other working professionals and it was a special place as it was situated in front of Heathrow airport.

The Path to Recovery

Today After a few weeks of having sprained my ankle with a minor fracture, I felt my ability to be active in this world as I knew it, to be affected and the fear has come to teach me how to deal with this every day and to accept and to keep accepting it as …

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The Time is NOW

The conspiracies that most laughed about and still do over the decurrent century and previous ones too, are now more clear and show that are all connected. It is surfacing the NWO people and/or aliens that allied together with a few purposes around the globe to set things on fire. By on fire, I don’t …

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Start Fresh

Put everything you know onto one side. And there you have it! A space to start something new. We as humans are the best-known creatures that can do this anytime anywhere on Earth. From that space, you can start your foundation and what better way to start if you simply put down some goals? Pick …

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Good Pain vs Bad Pain

During/After Massage Treatments Indeed pain is what most of us avoid in life. Especially if you are receiving a massage treatment is the least moment you are ought to want pain above all. After all, you came to have a moment of relaxation, right? But how many of you feel completely released of body tension? …

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