Blogging my Mystic Journey

Transforming the Blogging Experience with my own Mystical Journey.
You may find channelings, personal stories, wishes, messages, and much more…

Embracing my deepest Emotions

Hello Beautiful Soul!
This Space is where I come to write mystical stories of mine, glimpses of my soul about different subjects related to Healing, well-being and Personal Development. My intention is to deliver a part of me that is of value on your Soul’s journey.
Enjoy the reading and feel free to comment and share with the respective credits to the Author – RivaJazz.
Much Love & Light, Riva

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A voz do corpo by Dalia Mateus

‘A Voz do Corpo’

by Dália Mateus

The first book published by me back in 2008. In more than 170 pages I reveal my poetic side from my 11 years old self until my early ’20s and where I start developing my writing into prose. Dreams, deep thoughts, emotions are some of the themes manifesting through my writing. Enjoy

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Looking to get a Healing Session?

Look no further, click below the Therapies you would like a session with me.

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Massage | Reflexology | Moxibustion | Clinical Shiatsu | Pregnancy Massage

Our bodies carry much tension and accumulate energy from our busy lives and often we feel discomfort through body conditions/illnesses. To prevent toxins to build up and to promote your body capacity to heal (immune system) you can enjoy your daily tasks much lighter. And I also do home visits for holistic therapies. It’s a win-win!

Therapeutic Oracle & Tarot Readings | Initiation to Meditation | Individual Potentials Session

We all go through different stages of personal & spiritual growth and in all of them we have many questions about life in general. Understanding who we are, where we are going and what we can learn from each experience is a skill we all can develop. Here you can consult me to help you be guided into your Inner Voice through the power of Vision.

Coaching Programs for Women | Graduation Programmes into your Soul’s Essence

Empowering Women through their born-given gifts, helping them with their lunar cycles, emotions, releasing trauma, exhaling power breath of life force and transform sad/broken hearts into a glorious joy of living smile of their true Soul’s Essence. It is a 14-week programme with follow up sessions to help you integrate the full extension of who you are!