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Welcome to the Healing world of RivaJazz

It has been a fantastic journey over the last 7 years to gather and combine therapies, experiences, research and much focus on giving back the healing level for such diversified beings in this Globe. But RivaJazz is much older than this, since 2001, the holistic approach for self-healing became a journey of continuous learning and caring for others.

My wish to you as the client and patient is to improve your life through the services provided on this website. Every treatment is unique since Day One. Your Body, Mind and Soul are treated with pure intent energy from the Heart.

In recent times, the emotional side of the human being is being more and more engraved in the body, leading to psychological, physical and emotional scars where I have found therapies that can help you relate better with medium to long-term conditions or treat light to medium conditions.

I invite you to embrace this world that is definitely changing and as I am here to help and guide you through the whole process I personally want to thank you for your existence and let you know that everything is happening at the right time. Namasté.

Your journey starts here!



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