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Created: Monday, 02 October 2017 Written by RivaJazz


The history behind the name that I have been questioned for so many years.


I start this history by sharing the very first thing I learned at Music School. It was the meaning/definition of Music, so here it is:

Music is the expression of feelings and emotions through sounds and rhythms.

And now, RivaJazz’s name was put together this way:

Riva - comes from RivaTNT which is an acronym for Real-time Interactive Video and Animation accelerator and in other words a graphics card that I bought in the year ’99 for my very first computer and that inspired me to give birth to an original name to resemble the 3D expression of the body when dancing (graphic), since I always danced and loved dancing and improvisation. 

Jazz - I was told a long time ago that Jazz was the mother of all styles and genres of music, even not being exactly like that, it represents music which I learned and always loved to dance with.

The combination RivaJazz created a new meaning:

The expression of Music by Body Movement. Ever since 1999, it is my professional name within the artistry of my gifts, tools and expressions through time.


Thank you for your curiosity!

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