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Conditions Treated

Created: Tuesday, 11 February 2014 Written by RivaJazz


Conditions treated in Massage treatments:

On a physical level we have:

 Anxiety | Insomnia | PMT 

 Back Pain | Sciatic Nerve Blocked 

 Bad postures | Migraine | Weigh Gain or Loss 

 Low blood circulation | Pre & Post Natal | Alzheimer’s 

 Pelvic Disorders | Stomach Pains | Headaches 

 Bruxism (teeth grinding), etc.

 On a spiritual level we also treat:

 De-Synchronization with our life path | Loneliness 

 Depression | Fear | Addictions | Attachments 

 Emotional pattern release 


Other conditions that can have massage performed with precaution*:

Fibromyalgia | Cancer** | Epilepsy*** | HIV| 

* - A medical form will be presented to you on your first session to determine some medical conditions that need to be taken into account and depending on each case, to be performed under medical surveillance too (a written medical consent is needed from your GP or Specialist).

** - Cancer can be a delicate situation in most massage centres, with Raynor Massage it is accepted to perform massage under medical surveillance (a written medical consent is needed from your GP or Specialist). Also, Cancer stages where Chemotherapy is undergoing - massage performance is accepted; it won't be the same as for radiotherapy as it is both harmful for the receiver and the practitioner.

*** - Depending on the level of epilepsy, it is advised to note any allergies to any oil. You can also read more on how epilepsy can benefit from Aromatherapy massage/oils here.


Conditions where Massage treatments are not advised:

Surgeries under 6months | Slip discs | Brittle Bone Disease

Blood Transfusion under 3-6months | Broken Bones

Open Wounds | Any Transmissible disease | Radiotherapy

Straight after Labour*


* Reflexology can be applied in some cases. Post Natal Massage is advised to be performed at least 2 months after labour. Each person is different so always consult the practitioner for a closer analysis of what can be done.




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