My Soul’s mission is to help others to connect their physicality with their spirituality, to connect the spirit to the body and soul, that is, to connect heaven to earth as human beings. Using my patience, wisdom, inner peace, love through empathy and by listening so that people gain greater awareness of their skills and/or abilities as a human being feeling more aligned with their purpose on Earth.


Love – Understanding is the verb that symbolizes Love. Love is the language and expression served.
Truth – The Act of Of Understanding and Realising what is Valid at that point in Time of our Lives.
Integrity – Respecting our Values, our Trust & Honesty as well as our Sacred Space within our work together.
Empathy – Capacity of Connection with One Another to Serve Others.
Consciousness – All that there is. The Line of Existence beyond Time & Space and all Transforming.
Transformation – The Power of Visualization to Pursue Creation within.
Freedom – Expression of Free Will.

flower of life
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