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Paula Maia
Paula Maia – Personal Coach
Renascer Com Alma

“Riva is an Awakened Woman, a Woman of the New Age with a magnetic sensitivity. She can read our Soul, our body in a natural and light way. Thank you for expressing in words what my Soul and Body were for me to communicate. Thank you for making the click that I just have to talk to my body, question it and silence the mind. Everything has its time and moments.”

Catia P
Cátia Pereira – Personal Coach
Peregrina da Alma

Raquel Leite – Entrepreneur
Re.Inventar É Transformar

‘Hidden Potentials’ Sessions

Cristina Gomes – Kid’s Meditation & Mindfulness Facilitator
Mindfulness Kids

‘Remember Who You Are – Embody the Sacred’

Individual Shamanic Coaching

Plínia Ribeiro - Projeto Somos
Plínia RibeiroVibrational & Integrative Therapist
& Podcast Creator: Somos

I met RivaJazz on a training course and had the immense privilege of having her as my therapist. I was in a moment of fragility and despair and I had the courage to ask for help and she welcomed me.I plunged into a true journey of discovery of my Essence. In the sessions, I learned to see clearly, and above all, to welcome all my thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. We worked the body, the feminine. I was reborn. It was a deep dive and it made me grow a lot. The change was noticed first by me and then by those close to me. I found myself. It really was an awakening to Life.
Today I walk in total trust and connection. I have a lot to learn and to improve, we all have. However, I feel more aware and focused on the present moment, ready to experience life’s challenges. Now I am living with more energy and love. It’s not easy to look within and face our shadows, our pains. This process of healing, self-knowledge, responsibility and awareness-raising is not easy. That’s why the therapeutic help, the techniques and the coach are important. I knew how to ask for this help. For me, it is an act of courage and I say to you that I feel this call: ask for help and dive into Yourself!
Life is a beautiful journey and on this journey, we find people who give us a hand.
Thank you Riva for helping and inspiring me so much… on this flight that is mine, is ours, we are all one.
Thank you for your dedication, love and strength! Thank you for being an extraordinary professional, intuitive and impeccable in your techniques. You know that you are a great teacher and an inspiration to me. Grateful for your existing.”

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