Beautiful Soul,

For a few decades, I have felt the necessity of seeking the Ancestral Lineages of Wisdom, the ones who would tell a story which is Clean, with a Heart flow and the Unity through Integrity, Truth & Embodiment of our Essence.

Your Soul’s journey has many ways to be Accessed

With both physical and emotional aspects of our earthly lives taken into account, I have developed a few Programs where you can benefit from Remembering your True Self, your True Nature and your True Essence. This is now a Journey into your Soul’s Akash, called The Journey of Remembering.
This is our Sacred Space where you begin to access your God-given gifts into this world, where you share your intakes and experiences with other Sisters in the Circle.

The Temple will open again soon,
Be ready for this Journey together, beautiful Sister!
Much Love, Riva

the journey of remembering

The Sacred Doors are opening in November 2020!

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