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I am RivaJazz, a Massage Therapist & a Spiritual Coach dedicating my life’s purpose to guiding other souls to connect to their wounds and transform their Inner Voice guidance; to connect their physicality with their spirituality and to connect the spirit to the body and soul. In other words, to bring Heaven to Earth as human beings  – is the reason why I created this website as well as different services and programs designed to help those who wish to step into  The Journey of Remembering!

Using my patience, wisdom, inner peace, love through empathy and listening so that people gain greater awareness of their skills and/or abilities as human beings feeling more aligned with their purpose on Earth.

Embracing The Journey of Remembering

We are currently under a Big Wave of the Great Awakening on many levels.
The bigger Truths are coming out
revoking centuries of repression and misleading the reality that we all lived in.

On our personal levels, the many scars from a recent or distant past resurface, creating trauma to be relieved at the mental, physical and emotional levels and invoking moments of consciousness as well as deep healing/cleansing.

The Journey into Healing starts at any given time, it is up to you to decide when to start!
As our bodies hold so much energy, it is in our consciousness and discipline to be the creators of our own reality, remembering who we truly are in our essence, and so our body lives in a pure state of ‘Awe’Free of Stress.

Are you searching for answers about your traumas, relationship patterns, body conditions and illnesses and other emotions? And everywhere you search, there is information but not sure of which one to follow?

Overall, the Journey of Remembering is a continuous form of going inwards that allowed me to gain a better understanding of how life is portrayed throughout Time and how We can make the Change in this World. Now it is time to share it with you because you deserve to know you are a Powerful Being.

Are you Ready to Start your Spiritual Journey, Dear One?

The Journey of Remembering  By RivaJazz
Love & Healing has many Faces, Shapes and Forms.– RivaJazz
Massage Therapy

Healing Through Massage

Therapeutic Sessions for all ages and conditions. From Simple Headaches to Injury recovery, including assisted physiotherapy. Pre & Post Natal massages are also available.

Spiritual Coaching

Initiating Your Spiritual Path

Dedicated Sessions for Anxiety, Confusion, Mental Health, Emotional Trauma, Karmic Relationships, Other life found Patterns.

Natural Womb Healing

Embracing Natural & Ancient Medicine

Women discover their Sexuality and nurture their Sacred Space. From simple daily routines to dedicated treatments from puberty to the latest stage of life.

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Life brings us what we need so we learn the lesson even if we repeat it again and again until we master it!



Find my creations at the click of a button to help you find peace, contemplation, calmness, inspiration and much more.

A Voz do Corpo

A journey of feelings that were translated into poems and that brought me a sense of uniqueness. All texts are still timeless and written in Portuguese.

Heart Meditations

Meditations for your Inner Peace, finding a sense of belonging and safety.
Available in Portuguese.


Tarot Readings

Tarot readings for your daily life, understanding life patterns and pondering the potentials of what the universe is proposing to you now. Available both in English & Portuguese.


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REMEMBER THIS: You are dearly Loved!