The Sacred Doors are opening in November 2020!

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Welcome, Beautiful Souls!

The Journey of Remembering

Our Planet is under a Big Wave of Awakening on many levels.
The bigger Truths are coming out, revoking centuries of repression and misleading the reality that we all live in. On our personal levels, the many scars from a recent or distant past resurface, creating trauma to be relieved at the mental, physical and emotional levels and invoking moments of consciousness as well as deep healing/cleansing.

The Healing Journey starts at any given time, it is up to you to decide when to start!
As our bodies hold so much energy, it is in our consciousness and discipline to be the creators of our own reality, remembering who we truly are in our essence, and so our body lives in a pure state of ‘Awe’ – Free of Stress.

I invite you to embrace this Journey of the Soul, together we can Guide others to Remember their Multidimensionality!
Love & Healing has many Faces, Shapes and Forms.
Are you Ready to Start Remembering, Dear One?


Welcome to this Beautiful Journey Home, dear ONE! Since very young she felt a deep connection to GOD and the Universe. She knew something whispering her Soul all her life. It was later in her 30’s she felt guided to become a Priestess, healing her wounds from the past, embracing a new journey with her beloved. It was the tragic death of her mother at 17 followed by a karmic relationship that lasted over 22 years, made her dive deep in a journey of the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual worlds. Ever since, research and studies in various Holistic ways to heal the body, mind and spirit have been in her path. It made sense connecting with other souls reminding them that they too can connect with their wounds and transform them into something greater, and so, she created Programs designed for Women to develop this Journey of Remembering Who We Truly Are!


Helping Women Heal Past Wounds by reconnecting with their inner Strength, Self-Love and Trust to Embrace their True Essence of a Goddess.



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How My Personal Life Changed in the last 2 years!

2 years ago, I was in London, working as a massage therapist and as an injury recovery Coach. I was living alone in my humble studio in a shared house with other working professionals and it was a special place as it was situated in front of Heathrow airport.
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The Path to Recovery

Today After a few weeks of having sprained my ankle with a minor fracture, I felt my ability to be active in this world as I knew it, to be affected and the fear has come to teach me how to deal with this every day and to accept and to keep accepting it as … The Path to Recovery Read More »
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The Sacred Doors are opening in November 2020!

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