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A spiritual journey into your Body as a vehicle to Healing the body, mind and soul. A journey of initiation to the Journey of Remembering.

△▽ Welcome to a Journey into Healing △▽

So you are looking for answers…
about your traumas, relationship patterns, body conditions and illnesses and other emotions?
And everywhere you search, there is a huge amount of information on these subjects but none are easy to follow?
When it comes to personal development, the shamanic path, therapies etc as well as every workshop, experience, books and so on… choosing the right one can be a bit overwhelming too?

☽ Synchronicity Moment ☾

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You are in the right place!

I was once in the search of my Soul’s Essencedeep inside, my feelings, my shadows, my fears, my self-love, my purpose, my diamond and my inner power.

Surprisingly enough, all I could find was that many people knew so much and I didn’t – so I asked myself this: If they did it in this lifetime then I can too! Sure it is an overwhelming sensation, in the beginning, but you will love the fact you started this Journey in the first place!
Therefore, I invite you to feel the Synchronicity of your own journey of Integrity, Truth & Wisdom by finding Freedom through this program I created and that you can follow at your own pace.

As a collective consciousness, we are still on the path of developing the greatest philosophies ever.

The Journey of Remembering

We are currently under a Big Wave of the Great Awakening on many levels.
The bigger Truths are coming out
revoking centuries of repression and misleading the reality that we all lived in. On our personal levels, the many scars from a recent or distant past resurface, creating trauma to be relieved at the mental, physical and emotional levels and invoking moments of consciousness as well as deep healing/cleansing.

The Healing Journey starts at any given time, it is up to you to decide when to start!
As our bodies hold so much energy, it is in our consciousness and discipline to be the creators of our own reality, remembering who we truly are in our essence, and so our body lives in a pure state of ‘Awe’Free of Stress.

Are you Ready to Start The Journey of Remembering, Dear One?

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Building a new Era with Light & Freedom


Since young, I felt a deep connection to GOD and the Universe. Always knew something was whispering in my Soul guiding my life in general, I just didn’t know how it happened and why it was there, until much later in life.

I have certainly been guided to initiate into the Priestess Path much later in my 30’s. Only then, I became more determined in healing my wounds from long years of trauma. I also felt my heart wishing to embrace a new Journey of Love by attracting the beloved partner.

Living through the Dark Night of The Soul

The impact of the tragic death of my mother at 17 followed by a karmic relationship that lasted over 22 years, made me dive deeper into a journey of the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual worlds.

These years of pain, trauma and life challenges, pushed me further in a deep journey to remember who I AM and what I am here for.
As a result, I have lived my Journey of Remembering through many stages of Emotions, Learning processes and Acceptance.

I also spent some years researching various themes of Personal Development, Healing, Ancient Wisdom, Esoteric world, and so much more… Until 2012, I started a different journey with Massage and other studies in different Holistic Therapies ensued allowing me to put in action what I have learned and somehow remembered what my soul yearned all along.

Overall, the Journey of Remembering was and is a continuous form of going inwards allowing me to gain a better understanding of how life is portraited throughout Time and how We can make the Change in this World.

The Journey of Remembering - Praying by RivaJazz
Love & Healing has many Faces, Shapes and Forms.– RivaJazz
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Guiding other souls to connect with their wounds and transform their Inner Voice, to connect their physicality with their spirituality and to connect the spirit to the body and soul, in other words, to bring Heaven to earth as human beings – is the reason why I created this website as well as different programs designed to help those who wish to step into The Journey of Remembering!

Using my patience, wisdom, inner peace, love through empathy and listening so that people gain greater awareness of their skills and/or abilities as human being feeling more aligned with their purpose on Earth.

Using Divine Energy Practices as a way to Healing and Wellbeing

Helping Men & Women Heal Past Wounds by reconnecting with their inner Strength, Self-Love and Trust to Embrace their True Essence of a Goddess. Read More…

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REMEMBER THIS: You are dearly Loved!

Enter the Sacred Temple!

Join us and receive our newsletter about events regarding the Ancient Wisdom of the Divine Light.

We respect your privacy. You can unsubscribe anytime.