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Most of the tension resides along with the bands in the body that include muscles, tendons,  ligaments,  and other body tissues.  Beneath these physical manifestations of the bands is a  subtle energy system similar to the meridians in Chinese Medicine,  the  Lotus line in Thai Massage, or the nadis in Ayurvedic Massage.

A good posture reflects how you flow in your daily movements

The Dorn Method is a holistic approach to gently align your spine and other bone structures with the help of a thumb. Developed by Dieter Dorn, this method helps to bring back the simple mechanics of our body bone structure.

Movement Recovery & body maintenance

If you have had recent surgeries or suffered accidents that caused your physical recovering for short and long terms – a range of exercises combined with breathing techniques to help you facilitate recovery and range of movement to a full free movement where possible.

Introducing Natural Holistic Therapies to Everyone

A brief story about my journey into Holistic World of Healing…

I was first introduced to alternative Holistic Therapies back in 2001 when I joined Aroma da Terra. There, I learned the love for plants, oils, vitamins and minerals in our body, however, I only got involved with Natural Healing Therapies much later in life.

2012 & 2013 were the years that I started investing in new studies, so I began with the Raynor Massage Therapy where I became a Licensed Massage Practitioner in this Naturopathic and Therapeutic modality followed by The Dorn Method in 2014.

For many years I knew I needed to touch people way before I knew massage therapy was the way to be.

riva profile massage

Later in 2015, I found myself involved in Clinical Shiatsu as well as Traditional Japanese Acupuncture where I have developed Moxibustion Applications and Techniques. This has certainly guided me deeper into understanding the relationship between Nature and Humans according to the Chinese Classics – how our energetic body accumulates toxins building tension, stress, trauma and certainly developing conditions.

Since then, I’ve been developing my healing touch gift through the art of touch in Massage Therapy, Moxibustion and Coachinghelping more people releasing the tension, healing trauma, breathing better and balance themselves.


Our Massage Therapy Services

For everyone

Deep Tissue Massage

60mins | 90mins | 120mins

Level of pressure: Strong (adjustment will be made according to every person)

Benefits: Reduce body aches and tension; realigning tissue and promoting fast recovery. Promotes well-rested sleep nights.

Techniques: Expect elbow, fist and forearm work.

Massage Therapy
Staying Humble
excavation massage
Raynor Naturopathic Massage
For athletes and those that need specific treatments

Sports Massage

60mins | 90mins | 120mins

Level of pressure: Moderate, and controlled

Benefits: Promotes a good blood flow circulation increasing the oxygen to the muscles which help with recovery from a sports injury, muscle fatigue or pain.

Techniques: Trigger Points techniques, soft tissue and myofascial release and some strong pressure to manipulate the muscles.

Sports Massage for Professional Athletes
Sports Massage for Professional Athletes
Injuries Recovery Treatments
Injuries Recovery Treatments
Sports Massage
Sports Massage
For pregnant women and everyone who wishes to Relax


30mins | 60mins | 90mins

Pressure: Light to medium

Benefits: Overall Body-Mind Relaxation, increases the blood flow in the area worked as well as releases tension in the foot plantar which represents certain organs

Techniques: Gentle, Moderate strokes and pressure points with thumbs, knuckles and proper reflexology tools.

hand reflexology
Hand Reflexology
feet reflexology
Feet Reflexology
For Women feeling tired, swollen and body aches

Pre & post-Natal Massage

90mins | 120mins

Level of pressure: Light & Moderate

Benefits: Helps women release body aches that come with the second and third trimester of pregnancy. It promotes better sleep as well as calmness and full-body relaxation.

Techniques: Slow movements to ease the pressure in the joints and lower back, light pressure to moderate for specific areas of pain.

pre natal massage
Pregnancy Massage
For those recovering from surgeries, injuries and simple body aches.

Assisted Physiotherapy for Posture Alignment

45mins | 60mins

A physical evaluation is needed as well as a medical form to collect your physical aptitude and your current movement abilities.

These exercises are designed for each person since day one.

Follow up sessions are needed for better results.

Massage Beginning
Exercises to promote better Movement & Flexibility
Exercises to promote better Movement & Flexibility
Pilates Exercises
Pilates Exercises
Take care of Your Body Temple

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