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Shamanic Journey Coaching is a selection of different Therapy Programs that have been designed to help both Men & Women connect with their Essence, their Inner Voice and their Spiritual Paths.

Feel the calling coming to your Heart.
These programs were designed to benefit from Remembering your True Self, your True Nature and your True Essence. This is now a Journey into your Soul’s Akash, called The Journey of Remembering.

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Shamanic Coaching

Shamanic Journey of the Soul – 1:1 Coaching

Reconnect to your Essence, to your true Self one piece at the time

‘Shamanic Journey of the Soul‘ is a 1:1 coaching program where you will go embrace your Shadow, accessing many memories and life patterns to give you an understanding of who you are in our Essence. It is that tool that once you master it, not only do you feel better but others can feel it too.

What Is Your Life’s Purpose,
Your Born-Given Gift?

Unique sessions to dive into your born-given gifts, and understand your real purpose in life.

What is a Potential? Our consciousness is a continuous line of learning experiences and nuances of energy. But what is your Soul’s purpose, your true path that you seek and feel the love flowing?

Soul's Potentials
Tarot & Oracle Readings

Tarot & Oracle Readings As A Spiritual Guidance

Because we search for answers that also come from the Universe.

Guidance is a word we all seek in many ways, forms and shapes. Here the Tarot & Oracle serve you to bring the present potential of your question or life catalyst, it shows the shadow and the light work at present so you, my lovely Soul, can evolve one step further in this World and in your own consciousness.

Remember Who You Are,
Embody The Sacred

A 14-week program for women on a journey of remembering your true Essence

This is an intense program designed for Women to reconnect with their true essence, remembering their ancestral wisdom and lineage that resides in the Universe and has been spread through the aeons of time.

Remember Who you Are

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