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Spiritual Coaching

Created: Thursday, 01 June 2017 Written by RivaJazz


What is Spiritual Coaching?

It is a meeting of the soul, the being that requires guidance in life in general. From depression, lack of direction/life purpose, feeling confused, stressed - to name a few, the sessions are created at your own pace allowing you to tap into life as natural as possible.

My work is with this soul, guiding it, asking questions, listening, it is a getting to know your life patterns, senses, and values. The goal is to understand where you are at present moment and work with what you have and together we can bring sense and balance back into your life and those around you.

coaching in a nut shell

What to Expect?

A conversation, an allowance of words, emotions, space for feeling and processing what is discussed.  Therefore, judgment is a tool left outdoors.

Each session can be different and some can involve massage or other therapies I sense suitable within my range of specialities. This is discussed in the sessions to manage location and timings involved.

This is usually available on a 1 to 1 session in person, via Skype or phone with a duration of 50mins approximately.

What is the main goal of Spiritual Coaching?

The goal is to generate sense/purpose and a tapping into the inner peace where calmness resides again, the soul can then create, smile, direct and able to 'fly' again in their path with a greater awareness of their life lessons.

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