Meditation: why meditate?


Meditation brings you awareness of your body and to be conscious of the NOW. It also brings messages from your Soul.

Did you know you can meditate any time in the day, month or year?

Yes, that’s is right! And I am here to help, guide and make sure you are secure, grounded and let your self ‘fly’ away for a few moments.

If you already meditate and simply want to send energy to the Earth you also can join me.


The planet Earth needs your help more than ever; I am sure you have heard of our passing a special date in 2012 – The New Dimension. New energies and vibrations have been initiated in our galactic bodies to embrace this new era. Hence one more reason to meditate. It helps us to bring awareness into our daily lives, calming us down when problems arise, understanding why we go through certain experiences in life.

The information is spreading all over the world through the web and other media.
I wish you Peace and bring it with you! Let the Light be within your Heart!

~ Because we all deserve LOVE! ~

Different people are different energies, vibrations, waves, levels and ‘methods’ of the evolution of the Soul.

​Each one of us is constantly changing whilst the world is changing around us too.
Many of us are still living a life based on fear/punishment/judgments and this is because they do not remember how to feel with their Heart and many other senses that once were the connection with the Earth, Cosmos, God, Higher Self…


~All is connected~

​Any state of meditation is pure observation of Life; how we can see things much clearer than they used to be!
If you wish to change your life, Meditation is a process for you to conquer many things such as Inner Peace, solving problems faster and avoid them, sleeping better, be more confident and positive, to be more You!
When you finally meet your Self in a Love state, then you Love others even more!

Someone once said: ‘…And I Love you more!’ can you guess who is/was it?


The call comes from inside, just let it come! Accept your inner intuition guiding you.
In this sense I welcome you to come to a Meditation session, it will help you lead towards Love in and out, nowhere to everywhere! Feel free and come to join us.

There is a space where we belong and that’s our Home, our Family Home. Learn to be in touch with your true you and communicate with your guides and Family.