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Feeling depressed during lockdown

Are we Feeling depressed and tense?
what is happening to us?

Powerful and strong tree standing in the Lagoas Park

Here I am!

On my first steps into the grass, I see this strong tree.

She invites you to sit down and touch her straight away. (I haven’t done the sitting just because she had lots of resin on her – ha!).

However, I have been able to admire her strength, her poise and her energy.Oh so beautiful and peaceful!

Kneeling near this powerful tree, I let my emotions flow by looking at it at the same time I write this glimpse of me on paper.

This is an absolute joy being in the park and despite feeling these emotions flowing.

I have been listening to beautiful and sing-along songs over this Spotify playlist whilst not wearing a mask and appreciating nature all around. – What a Freedom!

It is a gorgeous sunny afternoon!
Thank you, Universe for another day here.

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observing nature

As I observe and connect with my inner guidance – I ask what is it and what is coming out. How can I facilitate it? This is what comes out:

The pressure of being back in my home country and not earning money in the areas I love the most yet;

The collective pressure of having to wear masks, follow rules, and listen to the news;

Feeling the loneliness of being home, stuck with the internet when I dream of going to the beach, travelling, and serving others by sharing myself, and my presence.

I cry because I feel my deepest wound showing to me when I move and walk around, I see the beautiful life I have been journeying.

What dreams do I keep inside and haven’t made come true?

Is it really my Higher Self or my Earthly being, calling for those?

How can I help me heal inside of this wound of what I did?

Tears fall down my face and as I look around in this beautiful sunny afternoon in the park, I see nature and a few people enjoying the park and the weather – life is so precious like this moment. The same is when it rains or is too cold and we feel best at home.

This me, the inner me that is, simply loves, is, and wishes others to explore this beauty inside.

Till then,

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