Welcoming the Golden Race – The Golden Age

The Golden Race

2021 – The Year of Transition

A New road is ahead of us.

In this new road, I am feeling that we all are at a curb of a new finding in intelligence, a new way of communication, a new road into consciousness. And it has nothing of fancy words or complicated terms. This is no longer mystical as we all think this conversation seems to be.

Think a little more literally about what I am sharing. It means that in practice, we will end up developing new ways to communicate in this world. Sure, a lot of companies have done miracles too and that helped us put our deep wishes of multidimensional thinking into reality, and now is no different.

Those who follow this trail of working with energy, are starting to understand how it transpires into our daily lives. It shows in many aspects, routines, small actions just as when we sometimes have our “AHA” moments and insights that make us look differently at things/life in general.

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Communication is important right now

There is a need for us to expose truths from within our deep souls.

Like it’s no lie that we don’t like to share our lives with the world but some do and there is no control over how we judge one another about this.

The reason behind this is that we hide!

This new ERA is all about transition/transparency:

Showing our true coloursNo more lies.

Showing up. Being honest and raw.

Being/recognizing/assuming/admitting/expressing our essence out for once and not being afraid.
It is the time of feeling Free of fear.

Releasing the fear from our hearts and learning how to live this way.

There are many footsteps to walk on this new road. As being a new Era it is just a beginning of a new chapter, and it will be interesting the “read” it through once we start walking down this path. Like any lives that we live, we all start by learning how to walk/navigate, to talk/communicate and being/becoming it too.
This is a – No Brainer!

NOW: Where do we all stand with the emotions and by this I mean – with all this ‘death’ going on?

Of course, this is what dwells inside some of us and, it’s part of our life experience. Just as you go through the rough times of failing a test/exam and getting a bad grade. – What do you feel about getting one? Sad? Upset? Frustrated? Confused?

Similarly, deaths are part of our life passage on Earth and they will be until our walk in this new road is a bit more stable. We will then be able to slow down our routines and live our free will in a way that we are more at peace inside. Living a less anxious life, a less stressed life, a more understanding life and therefore we will be understanding how life really works after all.

You see, when we are fully dedicated to our daily routines, we normally tend to listen only to what needs to be done and not to what we deserve to do, or, listening to our intuition for directions and guidance on when/how to achieve our deepest wishes in life.

‘The End of Time’ was a time that Mayans told us a long time ago that it would happen about 8 years ago. It surely took us to this time where our focus, our consciousness is gaining space in our minds/hearts to take in into this new way of processing how one feels, acts/transmits/express who they really are and how we can embrace a new form of togetherness by lowering our guards and frontiers and become a united race!

The Golden Times are Here!

In Other Words: The Golden Race is already settling in this world.

Take a deep breath, let this sparkle of lightwork information sync in with your heart and allow this seed to be nourished and grow inside you.
Remember that you are dearly loved and more things are yet to come.
Embrace the moment of ‘Awe’ that hits every cell of your body; nourishing your body temple is a continuous-time loop we will more and more be inspired to do.

A new normal for some, a new Era is finally inviting us to feel HOME!

Be welcomed to your time Essence of Being!


(I couldn’t have known this before as clearly as now!
This sentiment feels right because it entails a large amount of deep work and wisdom plus some knowledge of how everything is panning out.


My humbleness goes deeper on letting you know that I have not been an expert on technical stuff. I am merely an  Oracle, a Spiritual being integrating Earth just like all of you – capturing waves of light, comfort, challenges and connecting the dots of this Earthly experience.

I do feel I had many lives and lived them with pain, smiles and growth above all. Each part of me that lived on this Planet so far is a story to tell and yet I feel I don’t have anything to tell because when the time is right and it flows as it’s flowing now, I will share what pours from my inner essence.