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Meditation: Have you ever done it wide awake?


This is master itself inside you! It resides there.

This is why so many times you are told that Christ is in you, God is in you, you are God, etc… In many ways, meditation is the most relaxing exercise of channelling healing and warmth to your mind, body and soul. Sit crossed-legged and tack your pelvic area in slightly so that you are with the spine straight. Start taking deep breaths so you loosen your shoulder weight and relax your mind. Your head feels like someone pulling a string from the middle of it. Aligning your spine on a straight line but all your muscles are now relaxed.

1. Take 3 deep breaths.
2. Let your focus be on breathing.
3. Inhale and exhale – remove all air out of the lungs until you do the next breathing.

Let your breathing come back to normal. Your mind is now starting to bug you with thoughts, a million ideas per second… Allow to observe them whilst you focus on breathing. So breathe. Every time the thoughts speak-talk-come to you loud, allow your Self to breathe and focus on how your body reacts by breathing. Do this by focusing on breathing for as long as you want or if you prefer until your mind slows down and all you have is a warmth in your Heart!

Peace is now settled!

Stay there for a while without falling asleep.

When you feel the blood spreading out through your body is when you are starting to come back to consciousness.

Slowly move your toes, fingers, stretch your legs, arms, and then move a bit the neck towards the right and then left, repeat 2 times. Come back to centre and lastly open your eyes slowly. Stay there for another few moments. Move or stretch if you like but be conscious of every movement.

Once ready to get up, do it slowly and let the head be the last one to be lifted. Embrace this whole moment you had there with you or more people in the room. Take a bow and with your hands in your Heart – say Namasté!

Hope you enjoy this meditation.

You can use it as a resource to record it and listen to it so you can practice at your own pace.


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