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The secret of Meditation

secret silence

Once in a while, this beautiful and simple sentence strikes my essence in a boom, either at work, on holiday, with friends, contemplating nature, through people’s eyes… I see and I care more about what this means.

This is a world, to meditate you embrace a new feeling each time you do it. You stretch your core of loving a bit more and you become more creative than ever before.

Interesting to know that words cannot explain this phenomenon but sometimes we can share little bits just like the one I am doing now with you all. It is great to find that meditation can show us so many answers to our body, mind and spirit ‘questions’ and new pages in our lives start to be filled with harmony and joy.

Embracing life is no longer a hard task like the one stage you have been before and life is giving you exactly what you have asked to.

What is right or wrong is a no longer rational way of being, instead of being intuitive has more meaning and everything comes into place, peace and walking calmly come in your way and you feel it in your veins, your heart pumps with a pure smile of the peaceful joy of connection with this magnificent meditative state.

What else do you want from life? Only Love, only Love!

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