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The time is NOW

The conspiracies that most of us laughed about, and still do over the current century and previous ones too, are now more clear. Especially, are showing that they are all connected! It is surfacing the NWO people and/or aliens that allied together with a few purposes around the globe to set things on fire. By on fire, I don’t literally mean on fire, even though we are under attack with fire and many other ways.

Yes! There is a war going on – a war of Dark and Light Forces.

As I published yesterday Dark Entities from The Kryon Glossary – they do not exist as Darkness is the absence of Light. So Enlightenment is just the action of a being that awakens her soul to the next level of understanding whilst living the Human Experience.

By this, I am saying that there is a big group out there that has raised their Light and therefore Darkness (that is being pursued by Light) is being shown in many ways. So NWO is being exposed. I hope this is making sense to you as it does for me for a big while.

The big issue isn’t a certain government as they are all allied thanks to the Rothschild family through the centuries – only little as 2-4 countries aren’t under their umbrella. But because they have been exposing themselves too much with murder, mass murder and many other ways to distort information etc… they are now in the shadow of the Light because we are very close to them! Yes!

So, learn, do research, think outside the box, think twice, process information, dare to question, dare again, don’t take all for granted and lastly and most importantly is to achieve the connection with your soul, this way your intuition can grow to the point that you will know for sure what to do and who to trust for a better future, a more stable direction that we all need in the upcoming times.

Many die because they assigned themselves to serve the BIG PURPOSE – you – and each one of you only – can define through time what that purpose really is but needs to start with you.

Some aren’t elevated and it takes a while until a soul matures, has nothing to do with ages in our linear time but with a maturity where the soul demands connection, and speaks through the body with illnesses and diseases and traumas etc… Events happen for the consciousness to speak louder, it freaks out people’s minds to the point they get crazy according to society and yet this is just a way that the soul has to reach.

The ones that are practising meditation, Satsang sessions, holistic healing – the most various techniques, there are different levels as they are more than ever depending on how your soul is connected.

Remember to stay humble and trust your intuition. The ego doesn’t have one, just pointing the finger and insinuations at most. It is its weak point. So make sure you go deeper within and understand/connect!

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