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Alkaline Diet: find a good guide


Here is a list of alkaline acid-forming foods that I have found in a few good books on Edgar Cayce and his readings. You will find great alkaline diets around the internet but for me, I was more inclined to find something from the ‘other side of the veil’ to guide us in the best combinations according to our energetic bodies.

Another tip to take into account is the place you are born, in case you have moved since young then take into consideration the local foods produce. The moon also takes another impact too from the moment you are born. It is another way to look into the diet and yes you can make this easier to understand.

Equally important is to learn that there are myths and facts to the alchemy of food when comes in touch with our body externally as well as internally, on our cells.

Feel free to save this table guide and if you wish to know more about your ancestry, surroundings:

Edgar Cayce's Alkaline Diet

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