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When you want to change things around You


It is definitely a struggle when you want to put your beliefs into practice, what you have yearned for in life. Everyone seems not helping you. All doors seem to be closing. And the time, yes! – the time is running out – you may think. But time is not your enemy but your own mind. Yes, the mind!

When we would like to simply say what is on our mind but just out of our own curiosity and not with the intention to create any other judgment, it is a hard task. You already have to fight internally on what you need to stay and how you are going to say it.

It’s ridiculous how these things come around sometimes. What I mean is that no matter how you delay your decisions, if they are meant to meet you in this life then they will. Whatever path you have been in the last months, years or decades even centuries, it will come back to you! Why? Isn’t it obvious? Because it’s a lesson that you eventually designed through the lifetimes you have been around and even before you came into this plane to live and experience the Love that there is!

And gosh, how I know that no one cares, or is even fed up with this Love conversation. In the same way that some are fed up with Jesus or GOD or other religious conversation. Indeed you have a right to be fed up! So be! Be a change! Make sense, be honest, trust your instincts!

Nothing wrong to be you! Because the only person you have to respond to is your SELF! No one else! Everything else is imposed by a group of people that you may or may not be part of right now. What I mean is that you have to start being productive with your Self. Learn from your mistakes, see what you can’t see by understanding others, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, avoid common mistakes in order for Karma not to develop. Be radical with your routine, break it!

Above all make decisions upon your inner guidance and your own route! If you don’t know the future and you don’t have a sort of plan, but only calmness and self-confidence inside that is more than enough for you to carry from then on. Things will become clear once you make a move with these.

Be you! Only you! Be awesome! Be wonderful!

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