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Love: I tell you now what is Wrong!

where is the love

Why would we? When we love we simply do! No questions asked. We fully understand each other inside and out. But when one side questions things then, it’s time to forgive and forget.

Smile again! Just do it! God is all! He is not just big or great like I pointed out earlier but greater, infinite and endless in LOVE!

He lets you live to experience, learn and to smile. It’s up to you to understand that great lesson and keep going!

Now, I guess I was in doubt of this but I’m not! I am actually resonating with this all along. How to explain this to you?

I only know that I want to be happy and smile again.

To be in Love for Life, like I was many times before, but in a way that is so free that I will feel me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I reconnected with my poet side – finally, I rimmed! It means that I love me! I see and I’m not blind but for now, I can only speak through these lines.

Love can be very scary when you don’t know what you want or when you see the ones you love not knowing. But soon this can change. Let things be because things will change for all. And time has come for everyone to heal and move on – shift energies and simply smile again.

I still love you but in a different way!

Love is so powerful!

Hope you understand one day.

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