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Massage Treatments – What is Good Pain vs Bad Pain?

Massage Therapy

Indeed pain is what most of us avoid in life. Especially if you are receiving a massage treatment – pain – is the last thing you are ought to want. After all, you came to have a moment of relaxation, right? But how many of you feel completely released from body tension? Can pain be processed differently? Can pain bring benefits in the end?

And the answer is YES! Correct! The expression: ‘no pain, no gain’ – fits perfectly in some massage treatments and Raynor Massage is no exception as well as Deep Tissue or Sports Massage or any other Osteopath treatments sometimes.

Pressure and tension are holding hands when it comes to practice because both practitioner and client understand that something is being held in the body and needs to be released. Now, how do we combine these two? Simple! The deep breathing technique is very important to complement the pressure applied in the tensioned area. By inhaling into your belly whilst the practitioner is preparing to apply pressure and exhaling through the mouth whilst the pressure is being applied. Continuing with this technique, both practitioner and client will then improve the treatment being done and improve oxygen being delivered to the muscles, tendons, veins etc… and tension is finally released.

For sure this is well known so far, but again where is the good pain and bad pain here?

Let’s make it simple too: Bad Pain is simply the pain that remains and makes you jump or it remains after pressure done miscalculated or on purpose. Believe me, you will know when someone is hurting you on purpose! As no practitioner has the intention to hurt anyone we are to experience high intense pressure and low intense pressure; here we step into the Good Pain! You can scream, laugh, cry, exhale or sigh! Good Pain gives you a sense of release. At the end of the session, you feel elevated as if you were treated like a feather. And that is the pain to gain!

Another somewhat important part of this process of Good Pain vs Bad Pain is that at any point bruises may occur because everyone is different and no matter how some can be sensitive to their veins internally, others have a different constitution of the body whereas bruising can happen to either or one of them only. Be only aware that practitioners are here to make you feel comfortable and pain-free above all so both can and will engage in communicating their best interests during treatment as and when necessary so they are happy, trusting and at peace.

In my experience, I suggest my clients revert to deep breathing throughout the entire session, this way it is easier to sustain the pressure and better release without leaving signs of bruising. They are happy and appreciate the understanding as well as the bond created with good communication during the session.

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