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Blogging my Mystic Journey

Transforming the Blogging Experience with my own Mystical Journey.
You may find channelings, personal stories, wishes, messages, and much more…

This is a space where I write mystical stories of mine, glimpses of my soul about different subjects related to Healing, well-being and Personal Development.
The intention is to deliver a part of me that is of value on your Soul’s journey.
Enjoy the reading and feel free to comment and share with the respective credits to the Author – RivaJazz.
Much Love & Light, Riva

secret silence

The secret of Meditation

The secret of Meditation Once in a while, this beautiful and simple sentence strikes my essence in a boom, either at work,…

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light and dark times

The time is NOW

The conspiracies that most of us laughed about, and still do over the current century and previous ones too, are now more…
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My Digital Print

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A voz do corpo by Dalia Mateus

‘A Voz do Corpo’

by Dália Mateus

The first book was published by me back in 2008. In more than 170 pages I reveal my poetic side from my 11 years old self until my early ’20s and when I start developing my writing into prose. Dreams, deep thoughts, and emotions are some of the themes manifesting in my writing. Enjoy.

Available in Portuguese only.

Awakening my Cyclic Woman

Ebook: Awakening My Cyclic Woman

Learning how to connect to our Cyclic Body, to emotions and how can we interpret our life lessons is just a tiny part of your journey, beautiful Woman.
This is an introductory ebook into mapping your own menstrual cycle, tapping into your ancestry and lineage as well as understanding the energetic connection with the lunar phases. Find other tips for your well-being during each phase of your menses.

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